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Mitoku Marukura Organic White Miso, Soybean Puree, 250 g (8.8 oz)

256.00 Grams

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Mitoku's motto is "Food Is Medicine." Mitoku has been the leading exporter of high quality traditional Japanese natural and organic foods for more than 30 years.

Mitoku's purpose has been to introduce to the West the highest quality foods with an "Authentic Taste of Traditional Japan." At Mitoku, they strongly believe that the diet developed in Japan over the past several centuries can make a great contribution to the Western world in its search for foods that are not only wholesome, nutritious and health-promoting, but also delicious, attractive and satisfying.

Mitoku Marukura Organic White Miso Traditional Soybean Puree 250g 


Miso, a fermented soyfood, is one of the world’s most delicious, versatile, and medicinal foods. Miso is used to enhance every course from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. A good source of essential amino acids and some vitamins and minerals, miso is also low in calories and fat.

Misos can be divided into two groups based on colour and taste. Sweet miso is usually light in colour (beige or yellow) and high in carbohydrates. Because it is high in koji and low in soybeans and salt, sweet miso ferments in just two to eight weeks.

Miso with a higher salt content, lower koji content, and proportionately more soybeans is darker in colour and saltier in taste than sweet miso. It must be fermented longer (usually as long as two to three years). Soybean misos such as mame and hatcho are also dark and savoury.

Suggested uses:

The key to fine miso cooking is not to overpower dishes with a strong miso taste. The more subtle aspects of miso colour and flavour should be integrated to create a gentle balance with other ingredients.

Sweet Miso
The light colour, sweet taste, and creamy texture of sweet miso is suggestive of its application in American-style cooking: it is an excellent dairy substitute. Think of sweet miso for light summer cooking.

  • Dairy Substitute: Try a little sweet miso in mashed potatoes or creamed soups. Try combining tofu with sweet miso and lemon or rice vinegar to make creamy dips and spreads.
  • Salad Dressings and Sauces: Mix with rice vinegar to create a delicate tartness that is both refreshing and cooling. Combine with sake or mirin to make excellent sauces for baked, broiled, or stir-friend vegetables or fish.

Organic Sweet Rice, Water, Organic Rice Koji (Natural Rice Culture), and a dash of Sea Salt (2%).

Miso Pickles recipe (from Culinary Treasures of Japan by John & Jan Belleme)
Crisp, lightly pickled vegetables can be a part of every meal. Miso pickles are nutritious and easy to digest. They are easily prepared and ready to eat in 1-3 days. Try picking other vegetables. For stronger flavour, pickle for a longer period of time.

Dark Miso or Sweet Miso
or combination of equal parts dark miso and sweet miso
Root vegetables, sliced
Serving Size: dependent on size of pickling container

1. Place 1-inch layer of miso in bottom of non-metal container.

2. Add vegetables and cover with more miso.

3. Cover container and let sit, unrefrigerated, 2-3 days.

4. Remove vegetables, rinse, and serve.

5. If desired, cut vegetables into matchsticks before serving.

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